Love Note

Assalamualaikum uolls.

Believe it or not...

My seventeen moment flew so fast
And 2013 is getting near to its end!!?
Plus the most highlighted part today (04/11/13) ....

Less than two days, I'll sit for my SPM exam!

Ohmaigod Ya Allah Takut nya seram weh. Tapi apasal lah tahun ni aku rasa malas gegila. 2013. Tahun nak SPM. Tahun tu gak tahun yang paling paling paling aku mengambil ringan pelajaran aku setelah 11 tahun bersekolah. Ciss IDontEvenKnowWhyAndWhat'sWrongWithMeActually-lah sangatt

❤ To everyone or anyone-- that we knows each other, that knows me or whoever
I want to say sorry. Forgive all my doings and my attitude that were annoyed to you. Mianhae. Wish me the best for my exam. Please pray for me. Thank you <3

-- Muhasabah diri jap dah nak peksa haha bye

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